Monday, April 28, 2014

Migration Nearing Completion

We are nearing completion on  the migration project, with 95% of sites completed. The remaining sites will be brought online today by mid afternoon.

Be sure to check in with us if you need an email account set up, or if you would like to upgrade to Silver hosting which includes full cPanel access, backups, 24/7 monitoring, increased bandwidth and more. For a limited time only, this upgrade is available with special pricing to customers who upgrade by the end of May 2014 only, so be sure to get in touch with us if you are interested in the new Silver plan.

Thank you for your patience, and have a great week!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Important Announcement Regarding Email

The final step in migrating the websites to the new servers is to set up domain specific email accounts for our clients.

If you have email that is hosted by Google or GoDaddy, we must modify your MX settings in order for that email to work.  Please send an email to to request that change.

If you have email that is hosted by Grassfrog, please send an email to with your email address and what email program you are using to get your email. If you are using a Gmail account to get your domain email, you may send us your Gmail credentials and we will set that up for you, at no charge.

Silver Plan clients may log in to their CPanel to set up their email accounts directly.  If you are currently on the Blue or Green hosting plan but would like to upgrade to silver, you may order that online or send an email to to request that upgrade.

All remaining websites should be active this weekend.  Thank you for your patience.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Migration Update

The website migrations to the new servers is progressing well and we hope to wrap things up by the end of the week.

As your website comes online, we encourage you to check it out, and email us if you need assistance setting up your email account. If you have externally hosted email through Google Apps, please notify us so that we can make the appropriate MX entries for you, or you may do so yourself by accessing your cPanel and clicking on the MX button under Mail settings.

If you have any questions about your email or other services, please send an email to 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Migration Update

The BurstNet server is being retired immediately as it's been determined that it is no longer viable. All remaining websites are being migrated directly over to a replacement server, no need to change your DNS to make that happen. If you were already instructed to change your DNS or provide us with your registrar credentials to do so, please do follow up, as that means you are being migrated to our Silver plan on a new dedicated server.

Clients may receive a server notification in their email. This notification is standard, and just means that your new site space was built with your email address on file (which means that you will also get automatic notifications of backups and important server announcements).

If you have any questions regarding the migration, please send an email to
For updates regarding this migration, please visit or follow us on Twitter @grassfrog.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Migrations continue, day 2

The server migrations continue today. We appreciate your patience as we work through the issues, one by one, as the end goal is to move everyone over to a more stable environment than the one that BurstNet was able to provide.

If you are having trouble accessing your website at this moment, you can use the ISUP tool to see if the website is up or not.  Go to and type in your website address.  If the result is that your website is NOT up at this time, send an email to to log the error and then await further instructions.

Thank you for your patience.

Monday, April 21, 2014

iWare sites experiencing MySQL error

Some of our old iWare sites are currently experiencing a MySQL Socket Error. The error has been reported to our systems administrator for resolution.

We are replacing the MySQL error messages with a simple message which reads "Update in Progress". This temporary message will be removed when the issue is resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

Website Migration Update

While we are waiting for the DNS to propagate and working on completing sites which are currently in the queue, all iWare migration efforts have been temporarily placed on hold. The old server has been reactivated so that it may continue to serve up existing websites for the time being.  Additional migrations are planned to occur during the week, so check back here for updates regarding server status and migrations.

Migration Update

All of our upgraded CMS2 websites have been backed up and we are in the process of bringing them over to the new server for deployment. We have been in contact with individual customers to change their DNS settings to point to their websites on their new server.  In the meanwhile, we are also working on the back end with our service providers to get all of the DNS entries updated properly.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with your website, please send an email to support @ grassfrog . com with your domain name, registrar and login so we can check and change your DNS if needed.

Also, if your website utilizes the old iWare system, please be aware that manually migrating your website does take longer.

All customers who purchased an upgrade to the new CMS with their websites will be migrated first, and their websites activated with the new CMS. Email accounts will also be updated, and passwords reissued unless you contact us to request a specific password (minimum 8 characters, alphanumeric-symbol required).

For real-time updates regarding this migration, and other announcements from Grassfrog, please follow us on Twitter @grassfrog.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Server Migration Begins

We are starting the first set of server migrations this evening. There will be a temporary interruption of service for the sites that are being migrated, as the files are moved over and put into place. If your website is currently not available, please bear with us while we make this change. All sites should be back online within a few hours.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

All Systems Go

Connectivity to the server was restored at approximately 9:45 this evening. Thank you to the network engineering team for their work to resolve the situation, and to all of our customers for your patience.

We will begin backing up and migrating websites to new servers next week. Please check back here for more information on available plan options and migration information.

Update from BurstNet

Just in from BurstNet:

"So sorry for this delay. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. It is still being resolved by our engineering team.

I have escalated this again to further expedite a solution. I will update you again as I receive one."

We will continue to monitor the situation, however at this point it is entirely in BurstNet's hands. If anyone needs immediate access to their email accounts, please contact and we will take care of that for you today.

3AM update

Just checked in again on, which is still down pending BurstNet's switch issue. I have not heard back from BurstNet since 2:15pm Friday afternoon, at which time they assigned this to network engineering and told me that it would be handled "asap".  

If any customers are currently down and need their email activated right away, please let me know. We can bring your site over to our new server and activate your email today, then port the rest of your website over as soon as it comes back online.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Server Update, and Announcement of Priority Migration Avaialable

While we are still waiting to hear from BurstNet (now DigiPlus) regarding their network issue (as of 2 pm Friday, network engineering was investigating a hardware issue), we are offering customers the opportunity to move their websites immediately to one of two new servers at a different data center.  Because of ongoing issues with BurstNet, we have decided to terminate our relationship with them once we have moved over our clients to a new service. The existing server is slated to be retired on or before the end of May 2014.

Priority Migration:

  • Websites would be set up on the new servers with a temporary landing page with your contact information and a message to check back. 
  • Priority Migration requires access to your registrar account so we can change your DNS, and a small tech support fee to implement.

    Note: All sites will be migrated at no charge to a new server over the next 4-6 weeks; the fee is only involved for customers who wish to migrate immediately.
For more information, or to migrate your website now, send an email to

For ongoing updates about our services, please follow us on Twitter @grassfrog.

Hardware OK, Checking the Switch

The hardware checked out, the issue has been escalated to the network engineering team to check the switch.  Please check back for further updates.

Server diagnostics

The data center is currently performing a hardware check on There will be a brief period of downtime during their diagnostic check, more information to follow.

Possible BurstNet Raleigh NC Data Center issue

We are currently waiting to hear back from BurstNet regarding a possible data center issue in Raleigh North Carolina, affecting a portion of our hosted websites. We have an open trouble ticket, and have escalated it to their top management. Please check back for an update soon.