Friday, April 18, 2014

Server Update, and Announcement of Priority Migration Avaialable

While we are still waiting to hear from BurstNet (now DigiPlus) regarding their network issue (as of 2 pm Friday, network engineering was investigating a hardware issue), we are offering customers the opportunity to move their websites immediately to one of two new servers at a different data center.  Because of ongoing issues with BurstNet, we have decided to terminate our relationship with them once we have moved over our clients to a new service. The existing server is slated to be retired on or before the end of May 2014.

Priority Migration:

  • Websites would be set up on the new servers with a temporary landing page with your contact information and a message to check back. 
  • Priority Migration requires access to your registrar account so we can change your DNS, and a small tech support fee to implement.

    Note: All sites will be migrated at no charge to a new server over the next 4-6 weeks; the fee is only involved for customers who wish to migrate immediately.
For more information, or to migrate your website now, send an email to

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