Monday, April 21, 2014

Migration Update

All of our upgraded CMS2 websites have been backed up and we are in the process of bringing them over to the new server for deployment. We have been in contact with individual customers to change their DNS settings to point to their websites on their new server.  In the meanwhile, we are also working on the back end with our service providers to get all of the DNS entries updated properly.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with your website, please send an email to support @ grassfrog . com with your domain name, registrar and login so we can check and change your DNS if needed.

Also, if your website utilizes the old iWare system, please be aware that manually migrating your website does take longer.

All customers who purchased an upgrade to the new CMS with their websites will be migrated first, and their websites activated with the new CMS. Email accounts will also be updated, and passwords reissued unless you contact us to request a specific password (minimum 8 characters, alphanumeric-symbol required).

For real-time updates regarding this migration, and other announcements from Grassfrog, please follow us on Twitter @grassfrog.