Monday, September 16, 2013

Follow up on Burstnet's outage.

Burstnet's outage was a one-time occurence which happened in association with their data center move. While we monitored the situation around the clock, we were not satisfied with their lack of communications with their customers regarding this outage, or how they did not reimburse their customers for the downtime experienced according to their SLA.

Burstnet's scheduled downtime for our server hosted there was 1-2 hours within a 12 hour window, but the actual downtime we experienced exceeded that.  Allowing for their planned outage time, Burstnet should have reimbursed us for 78 hours of continuous downtime which we would have then passed along to our hosting customers. Instead, they issued a credit of $26 on the account. Needless to say, we will be sourcing another data center provider in the near future.

For our customers that did experience an outage in connection with this data center migration, Grassfrog is liable for downtime in excess of 72 hours according to our Terms of Service agreement and as such is offering our customers who were affected by the outage, their choice of the following for reimbursement:

1. actual down time in excess of their 72 hours, issued as a credit to their Freshbooks account or a partial refund to their PayPal account if hosting was paid through PayPal;

2. A free 10 minute tech support session, to be used for either telephone support, search engine optimization, marketing or programming support (a $20 value).

To claim either of these reimbursements, send an email to with your website address, outage dates/times and reimbursement preference.  Any telephone calls made with regards to this reimbursement will count as your item #2, limiting your possible reimbursement to the number of hours your website was down at your current hosting rate.

Please review our Terms of Service periodically for updates, and bookmark this blog to stay on top of technical service announcements from Grassfrog Technologies.  Thank you for your business, and have a blessed day!