Monday, January 18, 2016

Email Information / Troubleshooting

If you have Grassfrog-hosted email, please make sure your server settings are as follows:

POP or IMAP (use IMAP if you access your mail from multiple computers)

Server Name:
Port: 587
Security: STARTTLS
Authentication Method: Normal Password
(Your email username is your full email address, your password is the one we issued you.)

SMTP - Your SMTP settings should be set to your local ISP's SMTP server settings - contact them if you need help with that, but typically they will provide you with a username and password for your account and that's what you should be using, along with their SMTP server and port.

I also recommend setting up Google as a backup SMTP provider, since it works wherever you are, even if you are traveling, or if your ISP is having issues.

If you need help setting up your SMTP with your Google user account, see

Since we changed server IPs over the weekend and initiated a new SSL certificate, you will need to accept the security certificate/exception in your email program the first time it runs.

If you are having any bounce issues with your emails being sent to HOTMAIL, your SMTP settings are not correct. See #2

If you have  externally hosted email (through GoDaddy or Gmail) and it's not working, contact your provider. If there is an issue with your site's DNS settings, they will let you know (and then contact us via email at, or visit

I think that's it. Please take a moment to review our Terms of Service regarding email, hosting, and general support at

Additional Links:
Thunderbird Email Help

In the Cloud

We are pleased to announce that Grassfrog's migration to the cloud was completed last night without a hitch. All systems are up and running in the new environment.

For clients with hosted email, you will receive a notification that your new email account has been set up - not to worry, your mail has been brought across and your login credentials have not changed.  If you are using Thunderbird as your email client, be sure to accept the security certificate in order to access your account. See for more information on Thunderbird and SSL.

For any questions or concerns regarding your hosted services, please contact

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cloud Migration, Phase 1

This evening, we commenced migrating the first bank of hosted websites to our new cloud service, beginning with and some of our premium hosting clients. There may be a brief interruption of services as worldwide DNS servers update individual website DNS to the new IP addresses. Rest assured the site migrations are going smoothly, and if for any reason your site does not come up when you go to it, you can check its status by going to and typing in your domain name, or simply clear your cache and restart your browser as the issue may be local to your machine.

Important: if you have email hosted with grassfrog, you will need to accept a new SSL certificate when the warning window pops up, in order to access your email.  Click Confirm Security Exception to make this acceptance a one-time thing and save the new certificate information in your email client.

I have manually checked all of the sites we have migrated thus far and they are showing up successfully.  We will continue to monitor sites throughout the migration to ensure a successful outcome.

Please check back here for updates. We expect Phase 1 of our server migration to be completed tonight, and Phase 2 to be announced shortly thereafter.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Server Migration

We are planning to migrate all of our hosted websites to the cloud this month. Please stay tuned for updates, which will be posted here as the project progresses. Thank you for your support.