Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Server Upgrade

 We are upgrading our main server to a new platform over the next 24 hours. Affected websites may see a brief downtime while the DNS propagates. If you think your website has been affected by this upgrade, clear your cache/cookies and restart your browser.  You can also check your website status by visiting

Any questions or concerns, please email me at

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Grassfrog Server Migration

 We have just received notification from our NOC that our main hosting server is being upgraded within the next few days. Anticipated downtime on the server level will be less than an hour, however there will be an IP address change which will require us to manually reroute each client website on that server to its new address. Dns propagation can take up to 48 hours with an IP address change, so please be aware of this possible delay in service and if you are unable to reach your website be sure to clear your cache and check your internet DNS settings (they should be set to refresh at least daily).

More updates to be posted here as this migration progresses. Thank you for your patience.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Server upgrade Fall 2022

 This is just an early notice to all customers that we will be upgrading our server in the fall. All sites hosted on that server will be moved over seamlessly. Before we begin the migration we will lock down the CMS for each site so that you will not be able to update your content on the old server during the migration (which should take no more than 72 hours).  If you would like any updates or changes to your website design or features, be sure to reach out to us by June or July so we can get those changes done for you and bring your site up on the new server early.

Thanks for your cooperation, and happy spring!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Important Update: Old Server retired

It has been a challenging couple of weeks, but we are finally done my grading all of our clients websites and have pulled the old server. This means that if you have not yet updated your dick in ass or contacted me to do that for you on your behalf, make your website will not be available to the public until your DNS is updated.

In response to the DDOS attack last month, we  have
upgraded to new managed servers and are implementing CloudFlare DNS
Security for all of our hosting clients in order to speed DNS lookups
(great for search engines!) and to help protect against DDOS incident. So, to make sure that your website is activated on the
new server and protected from external threats, please update your
nameservers to the values below, or contact me with your registrar
account so I can update them for you.  We would like to get this done
ASAP, as the old server is now retired.
New settings:
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please let me know.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

CloudFlare DNS

We are implementing CloudFlare DNS Security for all of our hosting clients in order to speed DNS lookups (great for search engines!) and to help protect against DDOS attacks.

To make sure that your website is protected, you will need to update your nameservers to new ones that we will provide to you, or contact us with your registrar account so we can update them for you.

Any questions, please contact us at

Friday, October 19, 2018

Good news

The network issue has been investigated and cleared by the NOC and the network restrictions which were causing websites not to display have been lifted. What this means is that all client websites are back online as of 10PM CST.

We will continue to work on setting up the new server and migrating websites over to it, a process which is likely to take several days (target completion by 10/25).

When your website is ready on the new server, we will either contact you to change your DNS or ask for access to your registrar so we can make that change (if we have not done so already).

If you have an old iWare website, your site will be converted to a static website until we can get it rebuilt in one of our current CMS options. Please contact us for details if we have not already gotten that underway.

New server online

Just finished setting up a new server which we will be bringing online to replace the one that has been having issues. Am testing out the CMS deployment this evening and will start migrating websites into place tomorrow and over the weekend.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Server issue

The server has been taken off the network while we are investigating another issue. We are working to stabilize it and bring it back online. We will be making a decision within the next 24 hours whether or not to retire the server and replace it with upgraded hardware. Please stay tuned for updates.