Friday, August 16, 2013

BurstNet Outage - Data Center Update

Heard from the data center this morning - here is what they had to say. Am still monitoring the server hourly and will post another update this afternoon.

Posted on: 16 August 2013 09:20 AM 
BurstNET has received your request for investigation into this issue.
We are currently working feverishly to attend to any reports of services still affected by the PA data center facility migration of the last week.
Any remaining issues with services not back online are most likely related to hardware issues, network adapters/port problems, or failed power supplies.
BurstNET has been working day and night to resolve any remaining issues, with majority of staff working many overtime hours to assist our client base.
This has been a very heavy workload for our staff with this major facility migration, but it had to get done. Fortunately it is only a one time occurrence, and following such, we can get back to the same reliable and stable service/uptime that BurstNET has provided for many years now.

You will receive a response to your support ticket once your specific issue is resolved, as techs are on the data center floor continuously working to resolve such issues until all issues are completed.

We expect the majority of these issues to be resolved shortly, and thank you for your understanding and continued patience.

Shawn A.