Sunday, January 29, 2006

Server Update

The server reboot was successful, however, we are still experiencing issues with this server. At 10:15 pm MST Saturday we received notification of unusual activity on the server. As of nearly 2 am MST Sunday, the Data Center still has it offline for investigation, although they state that they cannot identify the source of the activity.

To address the unusually high level of service outages on this server over the past few days, we are considering upgrading the existing server, pending the results of the Data Center's findings. We have also purchased outright, an additional server which we will configuring over the next week or so. This second server will be used for load balancing, and also to improve SEO relevance between sites linking with one another on our servers, since it's on a totally different IP and network.

The site owners that choose to have their sites migrated to the new server will be provided with new DNS settings, which will need to be updated before the migration can be done. Note that the server migration can be done at no charge, under the previously stated 10 minute tech support offer, and that we will be offering enhanced services on the new server including 24/7 monitoring, higher security, weekly backups and more. Contact us directly if you're interested in more information on this new service.